Alarming inequality, loneliness, pandemic. Is there anything businesses can do?

We can all sense that the future of humanity is at stake. 

We are concerned about how business can be a force for good, and reverse the current state of crisis.

Hong Kong, a city of freedom and inequality  

The city has for a long time had one of the highest Gini coefficients in the world, rising from 0.533 in 2006 to 0.539 in 2016. The number of poor households reached 530,000, with more than 1.3 million people living in poverty (over 15 per cent of the population).

World, time to reinvent capitalism

The lopsided emphasis of our global economy on maximising profits has a grave impact on social, environmental and political problems in contemporary society – notably, extreme economic inequality, distortion of human needs, environmental destruction and climate change, corporate tax evasion and, above all, the integration of economic power with political power.


of the Hong Kong population living in poverty, that is equivalent to 1.3 million of people. 

The B Corp Movement matters beyond business. We should rethink the values that matter to us and make changes.

We are reconsidering the entire ecosystem of our stakeholders and the values that matter to us: transparency, openness and communication. We believe that with the below principles, we can grow and sustain a movement that matters to you and I. 

Bottom-up participation

We believe that those who believe in business as a force for good would take initiatives to spread the message and practice.

Creative use of social media

Multiple platforms and channels. Inform and inspire. Interactive and participative.

Leaderless movement

Common vision, individual efforts. Not waiting for leaders to give orders and instructions. Collaborate for impact. 

A peer-driven process

Self-initiated coordination through informal communications, exchanges, discussions, debates, consensus-building, etc.

Changes start from discussions and participation. Your contribution matters.