Five Ways for Individuals and Businesses to Stay Alive During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Alongside millions of people around the globe being on lockdown, businesses are also challenged to find ways to survive and keep warm. After being stuck at home for days, a co-worker of mine at B Lab (Hong Kong & Macau) had the opportunity to join the newly launched social program “We Care” at a Hong Kong B Corp, Dialogue in the Dark, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hygiene packs were arranged and delivered to the elderly and others in need. The visually-impaired team was trained by Doctors without Borders to become caring ambassadors, having a switch from their usual role as a tour guide.

What else can individuals or businesses do to stay alive during the coronavirus? 

Brainstorm ideas and reflect

Although the virus has put everything to stop, it has also given us the space to reconsider strategies and values in businesses. Have I taken the time to listen to my employees? Have I kept up with the latest expenses? What can I do to sharpen my marketing campaign? Allow yourself the time to sink in, and reflect mindfully the cost and benefits of each business decision, and drive valuable insights to come up with new solutions.

Learn something new

Platforms like Skillshare and MasterClass come in handy at the perfect time. One can learn numerous knowledge and skillsets, from design, language, writing to cooking and acting. You may just find what you need to spark your creative learning genius. I have always wanted to write short stories, and recently I took a class on writing with Susan Orlean with The New Yorker. She compares the beginning of a good story as a striptease: You don’t want to go to a dance show where the dancer has stripped it all in the beginning! She also makes another great point about how to avoid merely describing details and instead, ground your audience and move in by developing a relationship with them. Spending around thirty minutes of my day on the platform has helped uncover some important pointers in the writing process. 

Pray, meditate, be still

When nothing else seems to work, maybe not doing anything is the best option. Meditation has become more popular globally in recent years, and studies have shown that consistent effort can change our brain structure: Our prefrontal cortex can be thickened to improve attention and decision-making. On the other hand, praying is not exclusive for those who have religious faith; it is a means to find a moment of peace to articulate then let go of your worries.

Home workout is the best workout

A pair of dumbbells could just be your new best friend. Although it’s not the best time to go outside to play basketball or tennis with friends, you can create a safe space for your home workout to take place. Take out your yoga mat and dumbbells, and better yet, record yourself in the process. By the end of the lockdown, you will see how your physique has changed for the better. Share your journey with friends on social media to get them to join you on the journey to keep up with your health!

Volunteer online and offline

There are numerous ways to give back to the community during harsh times. Some choices include teaching school subjects online, and making masks with other volunteers as Covid-19 business support. Take Jo Ngai, a drama teacher as an example, who turned her theater rehearsal room into a temporary mask factory. With a little effort goes a long way to help those in need in the community. Although the coronavirus seems to have slowed down, it is still important to remain vigilant until 28 days of no more local infection has been recorded.

Shared by B Lab Hong Kong & Macau

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