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B Champions Course

*Back by popular demand, we’re launching B Champions Course 2nd cohort!

Join us to advocate for the B Corp Movement!

The course aims to nurture and empower more B Champions as the advocates of the B Corp Movement, a way to future-proof businesses by pursuing both profit and purpose. If you care about the sustainable future of our economic system, this course is for you.

Interested to learn more? 

Attend one of our online information sessions in October to get yourself familiar with B Corp Movement. We look forward to seeing you there!

Session I: 12 October 2022 (Wed) 6:00-7:00pm

Session II: 25 October 2022 (Tue) 3:00-4:00pm

What is B Corp Movement?

With our B Champions course, you will be able to:

  • Acquire rich insights and leverage B Corp framework to improve companies’ impact and profitability
  • Deepen and broaden your social innovation perspectives from B Lab and B Corp leaders
  • Gain confidence to inspire businesses to build stakeholder governance to reinvent capitalism 
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to promote the awareness and acceptance of the B Corp Movement
  • Develop your capability to help create positive social and environmental impact within their companies
  • Join and engage with the growing B Corp community to create collective impact
B Champions course structure:


  • Pre-workshop self-paced learning: questionnaire, materials reading, videos watching
  • 4 half-day interactive workshops on Saturday mornings (from 26 November to 17 December)
  • Assignments (during and in-between workshops): quizzes (based on the pre-workshop learning) , B Impact Assessment practices, action planning, etc


  • Book reviews: A list of great B Corp related books will be recommended for deepening the knowledge.
  • Visits to B Corps and Webinars by global B Corp leaders will be organized for broadening the perspectives.

Meet your course facilitators and speakers

Mr. Gilbert Lee

Course Co-facilitator

Co-Chair of B Lab (HK & Macau) and Principal Innovation Consultant, Education for Good CIC Ltd

Ms. Natalie Chan

Course Co-facilitator

Co-Chair of B Lab (HK & Macau) & Managing Director, PIE Strategy Limited (the Honouree of Best for the World™, one of the world’s top 5% performers among all Certified B Corps)

James Chan

Mr. James Chan

B Impact Assessment Trainer

Co-founder and Senior Consultant, Sustainability Strategy of PIE Strategy Limited

You will also meet Guest Speakers who are leaders from B Lab and B Corps of Hong Kong and around the world

B Champions Course Details


InnoAge Hub
1602, Charm Centre, 700 Castle Peak Rd, Cheung Sha Wan

* Will be changed to online is case of Covid outbreak

Course Fee


*Early Bird Discount $4,250 for registration before 5 November, 2022



    * A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who achieve 75% attendance and complete all the mandatory assignments.


    Ready to take a step forward to create collective impact in your organisation and in the society?

    Join us to become a B Champion!

    B Champions course schedule and content:

      Part I: Pre-workshop self-paced learning (successful enrolment till 26 November)

      Upon successful enrolment, all documents & links will be sent to the participants who are expected to use a total of around 5 hours to go through the materials at their own pace before the first workshop on 26 November (Sat). 

      Part II: 4 half-day Interactive workshops (26 November – 17 December)

      Workshop 1: 26 November (Sat) from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

      Why and What of B Corp Movement

      • Why the world needs a more equitable and sustainable economic system and How the B Corp movement is contributing to the new economic system?
      • History of B Corp Movement; Case studies of global and local B Corps
      • Fireside dialogue with B Corp leaders to inspire your compelling reasons to promote B Corps
      Workshop 2: 3 December (Sat) from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

      How to become a Certified B Corp

      • Journey of becoming certified as a B Corp (pathways, process & milestones)
      • Introduction of B Impact Assessment (BIA) – a holistic tool for B Corp certification and continuous improvement of a company’s positive social & environmental impact
      • Practical tips to increase the company’s BIA performance with best practice examples
      Workshop 3: 10 December (Sat) from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

      Advocating the B Corp Movement

      • Reasons of acceptance and resistances encountered when promoting the B Corp concept to different business audiences (eg. shareholders & external investors, company’s top management and functional heads, staff, consumers, various business professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment bankers)
      • Discussion with B Corp advocates coming from different business audiences
      • Activity: Developing a compelling B Corp narrative to pitch to your chosen audience(s)
      Workshop 4: 17 December (Sat) from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

      Personal action plan to become a B Champion

      • Working with a network of various stakeholders in the business ecosystem
      • Picking & Partnering with key stakeholders to scale up the advocacy
      • Activity 1: Presenting your personal action plan to advocate the B Corp movement to a panel composing of B Lab Directors & B Corp leaders in Hong Kong
      • Activity 2: Sharing by and conversations with the panellists to optimize your personal action plan
      • Next Steps: Building a strong network of B Champions for peer learning, collaboration & support, referrals & resourcing, etc

      Part III: Assignments (26 November – 17 December)

      During workshop

      Quizzes & practices will be administered across different slots of the workshops

      In-between workshops

      *Expect to spend around 3-4 hours per assignment

      • Personal list of most inspiring B Corps and Whybetween Workshop 1 & 2
      • B Impact Assessment practice for the chosen company” between Workshop 2 & 3
      • “Personal B Champion action planning” between Workshop 3 & 4

      Part IV: Book reviews (self-paced):

      The list of books will be sent out upon successful enrolment.  Regular B Book Club sessions to discuss key takeaways and actionable insights will be organized in the future within the B Corp community.

      Part V: Visits & Webinars (26 November – 17 December)

      Logistics are being organized and details will be sent out before the first workshop on 26 November.