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Certified B Corporations in Hong Kong range from multinational corporations The Body Shop to medium-sized companies to small business serving local communities.
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What is B Corp?

Certified B Corporations (B Corps) are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet high standards of social and environmental performance via the rigorous and holistic B Impact Assessment (BIA) centrally verified by B Lab Global, a non-profit organization.

Why B Corp?

The benefits of B Corp extend beyond individuals and companies around the globe. 

Attracting talent and engaging employees

Unleash the passion, initiative, and imagination of your employees by connecting them with a larger meaning behind their work.

Increasing credibility and building trust

High transparency and purposeful initiatives help your customers understand the importance and integrity of your business 

Benchmarking and improving performance

The B Impact Assessment gives your business the perfect tool to gauge and measure social responsibility towards workers, environment and community.

Protecting a company's mission for the long term

Elevate the core social and environmental values of your business to the status of law, obligating the board and investors to consider both shareholders and stakeholders, society and the environment.

Being part of a global community of leaders

A sense of being part of something bigger than an individual business is important. The strength of a global community can fuel positivity, collaboration and innovation for businesses around the world.

How to become a B Corp?

You must complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and meet the 80-point bar for certification. B Corps update their BIA and verify their updated score every three years. The BIA is a free, online platform that evaluates how your company interacts with your workers, customers, community, and environment. Complete and submit the BIA to begin the performance requirement of certification. 

Fair standards adopted by global and multinational companies

For startups, medium-sized companies and corporates dedicated to the balance of profit and purpose.

KK Tse, Director, B Lab (Hong Kong & Macau)

“Although we are aware of Shared Value, Conscious Capitalism, and other models, we believe that the B Corp idea is particularly valuable and relevant for Hong Kong. B Corp certification is the only framework that provides a tangible and measurable road map that can help a business make the transition to be a force for good.

Freddy Law, Executive Director & Innovation Consultant, Education for Good CIC Ltd

B Corp is a movement recognizing that business can be a force for good. EFG is glad to be one of the pioneers of certified B Corp in Hong Kong. We see this global movement is changing the business and social landscape. EFG will keep on our mission to nurture innovative talents and accelerate innovations for a better society.


Eric Cheng, Managing Director, Tang’s Living Group

“Inherited from Stan Group, Tang’s Living is committed to bringing a positive impact to not only ourselves, but also to our business ecosystem, i.e. our partners and the communities around us. With Hotel Ease. Tsuen Wan being the first hotel in Hong Kong and in Asia to attain the B Corp Certification, it is a confident boost that we are on the right track, meeting global standards of social, environmental performances and governance. We very much hope to lead by example that social missions and economic achievement can be compatible, and our impact can ripple through the hotel industry and society at large.”

Co-Founder of S.A.Y., Ms. Amanda Fok Choi Ling

In our work, we believe ‘Life Change Through Speeches’. Embracing the idea of people-oriented in mind, we trust the mutual sharing of benefit between business owners and customers plays an essential and long-lasting role in the business arena.

We find B Corp’s belief of ‘using business is a force for good’ fits our business model well. While doing business for good, we contribute to our community, environment and even our mother Earth. When business and customers meet their balance in transactions and mutual expectations, businesses would come to be a force for good in a rewarding and consistent manner.

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